Reporting Classes

The reporting classes provide a facility for issuing reports with consistent formatting.  Users can configure what actions to take and what files to send output to based on report severity, ID, or both severity and ID.  Users can also filter messages based on their verbosity settings.

The primary interface to the OVM reporting facility is the ovm_report_object from which all ovm_components extend.  The ovm_report_object delegates most tasks to its internal ovm_report_handler.  If the report handler determines the report is not filtered based the configured verbosity setting, it sends the report to the central ovm_report_server for formatting and processing.

class ovm_report_object extends ovm_object
The ovm_report_object provides an interface to the OVM reporting facility.
virtual class ovm_component extends ovm_report_object
The ovm_component class is the root base class for OVM components.
class ovm_report_handler
The ovm_report_handler is the class to which most methods in ovm_report_object delegate.
class ovm_report_server
ovm_report_server is a global server that processes all of the reports generated by an ovm_report_handler.