Synchronization Classes

The OVM provides event and barrier synchronization classes for managing concurrent processes.

  • ovm_event - OVM’s event class augments the SystemVerilog event datatype with such services as setting callbacks and data delivery.
  • ovm_barrier - A barrier is used to prevent a pre-configured number of processes from continuing until all have reached a certain point in simulation.
  • <ovm_event_pool> and <ovm_barrier_pool> - The event and barrier pool classes are used to store collections of events and barriers, all indexed by string name.  Each pool class contains a static, “global” pool instance for sharing across all processes.
class ovm_event extends ovm_object
The ovm_event class is a wrapper class around the SystemVerilog event construct.
class ovm_barrier extends ovm_object
The ovm_barrier class provides a multiprocess synchronization mechanism.